The University of Surrey School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Mentor Scheme 2019

27 November 2017

Troika is delighted to partner again with University of Surrey for the 2019 mentor programme.

The mentoring module was introduced 4 years ago to further the final year student’s professional development journey and is the capstone employability step for them prior to graduation.

Thanks to everyone who has re-registered for the year ahead and for anyone who would like to get involved, here is a re-cap on the criteria.

At the beginning of May 2019 students will submit an industry based academic report of 2500 words to the university. This will be agreed between yourselves (Mentors), the students (Mentees) and the University’s academic tutors.  The deadline for the initial project aims and to be completed is Monday 25th February. The idea is the your mentee  bases their research on a  current industry issue and make commercial and sound business recommendations relevant to your business. As Mentor you will give feedback Prior to the module finishing your Mentee will give you an executive summary (or abridged version of their full report). Alternatively you may wish your Mentee to present their findings to you and your team as a presentation.

Mentor commitment

To agree a realistic industry based project with your Mentee

To meet your student either in person or by Skype. Recommended contact time to be 3 x 2 hour meetings in person, times to be agreed between mentor and mentee.

To feedback to the module leader regarding any issues related to student attendance, performance or behaviour.

To feedback on relevance and applicability of the students project

There is a social event on Monday 4th February to which you are invited. If your mentee is able to attend it’s a great opportunity to get your mentoring started. Attendees can be confirmed beforehand.

Mentor Skills Required:

  • 5 x years post (UG) graduation
  • Ideally working in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality or Events or related sectors
  • Able to commit to 3 x 2 x hour meetings between February and May
  • Capacity to encourage, motivate and inspire your Mentee

If you would like to hear more about this programme, or register your interest in becoming a mentor  please email Kerstine Lawley at